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Ask An American: Do Americans WEAR SHOES INSIDE THE HOME?

Is it true that Americans walk around their home with their shoes on? Do they wear Hausschuhe? Answering these questions today!

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40 Kommentare

  1. I take my shoes and bra off when I get home, so if anyone wants me to go anywhere, they better tell me before they come off. After their off, I don't care if the house is on fire, they are staying off until the next day. lol

  2. I'm Bavarian and usually we all (friends included) take our shoes off 🙂 we don't have specific guest house shoes, but most have more than one pair and all my friends have pretty much my shoe size, so I givem either that our a pair of thick socks 🙂

    BUT when we have a party,like birthday or Silvester where people come well dressed they don't have to take their shoes off! it completely depends on the situation ;)

  3. i totally understand the thing with the used house shoes from hosts hahaha i also always don't take them

  4. that was so interesting! never noticed these differences

  5. MR1978Zoetermeer

    Question, why does Americans eat cereals?

  6. I still don't get it, maybe I never will… taking my shoes off is the very first thing I do when I get home, it just feels so good. Besides, I really don't feel like cleaning the floor and carpets all the time.
    Of all the Americans I've asked about this, the best explanation was "but it's unhygienic, I wouldn't want to walk around on a floor without my shoes on".. yeah, and it's dirty because you refuse to take your shoes off :)

  7. House shoes. lol it still annoys my Girlfriend when I laugh at her Germanness with house shoes – She laugh at me with me wandering around with nothing but my hobbit feet 😀 But I feel no shame!

  8. Haha! I love watching these videos to learn about things I didn't know were weird to others! 🙂 I think the reason why it doesn't really bother me if someone where's shoes inside, is because here in Texas it rarely rains and never snows. Also, everyone uses a car to get everywhere here, so really how dirty can someone's shoes really be. I guess I would rather not think about it hahaha!

  9. Are you living in a different Munich than I am? Because here, it's 2°C and occasionally snowing. And you already look like summer :-)

  10. Ulrich Lehnhardt

    I would say that if you invite people to your house in Germany for an anniversary party or a bigger event people would always keep their shoes on and the host would also put some shoes on (just to appear fully dressed)… but if just a couple of good friends come over for a video evening you would probably put your shoes off…. if their are no guests people will mostly always put their shoes off. I personally never wear shoes in my apartment.. I even change clothes when I come home. I would not sit with trousers, with which I was riding a subway, on my couch. Trousers you wear in the city are definitely dirty when you come home. Again: guests are allowed to do so of course.

  11. ElementaryWatson

    I'm from the USA but my thing with shoes is a personal issue.
    I really really hate feet. I think theyre gross and funny looking. That includes my own. I'll take my shoes off in your house if you ask me to;but, I prefer not to and I'll always wear socks. If you're in my home I will walk around my house with either my shoes, socks, or my house slippers on, never barefoot. I'm perfectly fine with guests taking off their shoes if they want, but I will intentionally avoid looking at your feet.

  12. I had a friend who's mother was from Germany. We always took our shoes off at his house.

  13. In my Home in Germany we also put our Shoes Off at the Front door But then Walk around with Socks 😀 have some German Friends where You also Walk around with Shoes except on carpets. Live in California Right now And Here we also Walk around with Shoes except of carpets

  14. Hm. I got to admit I am a bit confused.
    I live in Germany and been born here yet I don't have guest slippers.
    Plus if am invited over for a dinner, a party or something similar I would really not slip out of my shoes unless am asked to. Even if I am at friends I usually wait to see whether or not its acceptable to go undress the feet to socks.
    If am visiting family, aunts, uncles, parents I would usually keep my shoes on. Unless maybe for a sleep over, once the socializing has progressed.

    Though I wouldn't dare to wear my shoes and put my (shoed) feet on the sofa ^^;

  15. barefoot at home, socks on at friends', shoes on in the office ;)

  16. An american buddy of mine, living in Berlin right now, LOVES his Adiletten :D

  17. I'm a girl from Germany and we use these 'hausschuhe'. But I like to walk around in my apartment with my normal shoes, my dad does it, too, but he wants me to wear my slippers. point is, the floor is sometimes a little bit cold / someone visits us, we don't want them to feel cold and want to be polite.

    I like your channel a lot, I really appreciate the way you talk about m'y country ^^

  18. Jochen Fröhlich

    my first floor is tiled ;-)

  19. 4:00 – sorry, but its the same in germany.. if u have a party with 20 ppl you for sure dont take your shoes of.. same if you invite your boss or coworkers to dinner… walking in socks is something you do at home or if you just hang out with some friends to chill, play videogames or watch a movie… as soon as the "get together" gets bigger or more "official" the more likely it is people will keep their shoes on

    and "hausschuhe" is more a thing for older people or people which get cold feed real quick.. none of my friends own "hausschuhe" nor do my parents.. my "oma" and my "opa" did.. and srsly i never visited anyone between the age of 25 – 45 who offered me "hausschuhe"..

    i personally always take my shoes off at home.. not even socks.. not even in winter

  20. I have house shoes for my guests 🙂 But I don't have carpet so if someone want to let their shoes on I have no prob with that. But for me I don't want to carry the dirt which is under my shoes in someone else apartment so I take them of if I am somewhere else…

  21. He's only good because of the stupid upgrades. I'm a 99 without equipment

  22. sub me and ill sub back with 5 accounts

  23. The Great Charcoal

    What is the intro music for this video called

  24. r u lefty irl?

  25. Play 2k 16

  26. what is your batting stance?

  27. Hey toke, what defensive playbook do you use in salary cap, I want to try it out for myself

  28. post more bo3 and 2k

  29. Damn toke back at it again with the new cleats

  30. hi toke

  31. Diamond batting gloves

  32. Melissa Merlette

    I think toke would be a good sports commentator

  33. Toke are u going to lazarbeams funeral

  34. Raiders are trying to go to Vegas

  35. I saw you hooping in that IRL game #theleftylaser +ToKe

  36. It seems like it has been forever since you uploaded MLB…

  37. I can be first dislike… But Toke nasty will make me Choke nasty.

  38. toke where's UFC. it's gone

  39. I have those cleats for baseball this season ??

  40. Anyone else see the dog in the background moving around on the couch?

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