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NEW HEAT! FIRE Sneaker Collection Update – BUYING RARE Shoes For LOW!

Here are some of my NEWEST cops as of recent coming into 2016

Previous collection update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3WVysT-zkY


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20 Kommentare

  1. I had those lebron 10

  2. what is the name of the LeBron he showed?

  3. P.s elite

  4. shoe game nigga

  5. Brush wtf up with the gamma 11 the back stiching isn't liked up with the patten leather it mid sole fake I think

  6. I still have the grape 5

  7. can you do another shoe collection

  8. I got some 72-10 French blues futures and getting cement 4 2016 tomorrow maybe

  9. Some fire

  10. where can you get gamma 11s for the low?

  11. this nigga said Steph curry before Kobe. wtf?????.

  12. this nigga said Steph curry before Kobe. wtf?????.

  13. He threw hella shade at Kobe

  14. U look like bow wow

  15. Lbj 10

  16. where are your French Blues?

  17. Brandon Johnson

    How can I get low price shoes (Jordan)

  18. Those cement 4s was not sitting on shelves went to 6 different stores on Valentine's Day and they were all sold out??

  19. What pawn shop you going to ??

  20. Finally I've been waiting for this vid

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