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Beyond the Fence

There’s a hole in my world since my little dog Lyra passed away.  I’ve released so many furry, finned, scaled, or feathered children in my life – I know the drill.

But this time is different.  The energy that’s missing without her saucy self in my life is palpable.  I’m only now realizing how much she taught me about life and the determination to pursue our dreams.

Lyra was a pedal to the metal, take no prisoners kinda gal. She was pure spirit and energy – unfettered, fearless and focused on living every minute to the max.

She didn’t take no for an answer. When she saw a deer up the hill behind our house – she chased it.

When we put up a fence to keep her close to the house – she climbed it.
When we made the fence higher (try 9 feet) – she climbed higher.
When we added a solid top that she couldn’t quite wiggle over – she dug down deep and went under that barrier.

She was bound and determined to get to those deer (or the bobcat, mountain lion or coyotes) – and so she did.  I still laugh when I remember her fluffy derriere disappearing over that fence time and again. She seemed to fly over a fence 10 times her height.  Nothing deterred her from reaching her goal.  I loved her all the more for it.

Lyra’s life is a lesson for all of us in today’s economy.

We all have goals – our dreams of successful careers and businesses.  Yet the new economy threw a chink in many of our plans.  Today that chink continues to stop some of us.  How often do we hear that we can’t be successful, can’t expect to have what we had before, can’t expect success to come again.  

How often do we listen to those naysayers and embrace their beliefs? Even a little bit?  Even though there are examples of success all around us?

Maybe we shift our expectations, downsize our futures and constrict our dreams in the face of the looming barriers to our success.
Perhaps we act from fear, expecting more bad things to happen, preparing for the worst, becoming more and more tentative as walls “appear” all around us.

I’ve done just that and more. In small ways, but still I’ve done it.  Expecting less for myself – because everyone around me says there is less.  Accepting barriers that five years ago I would’ve blasted through, because I felt like I’d been beaten down.

No more. I’m done with that.  It’s time to Defy Gravity and set my expectations and goals back where they belong – over the centerfield fence. That’s where Lyra played, and that’s where she taught me that I can play – where we all can play.

I think it’s time we set our sights beyond the fence, instead of settling for life inside the barrier.

Last weekend I made a list of the expectations and goals I have ‘downsized’ in the past year.  And I upped the ante – reset my sights to swing beyond the fence and go for the big results.  Thanks to Lyra – I caught myself in a downdraft. Now – I’m redirecting my course.

What part of your life or career are you holding inside the fence? Is it time for you to climb your fence and soar?

Rebel Brown consistently challenges the status quo to deliver optimum solutions and high velocity growth for her clients. She combines the strategic expertise and tactical savvy of a global Corporate Strategy, Launch and Turnaround Expert, along with the leadership and motivational skills needed to get the job done.


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